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Environment is a major issue now a days . We do environment friendly business. We are into eco friendly Jute Products manufacturing.

Welcome to Wave Enterprises , your number one source for all Jute Products.

We're dedicated to giving you best of Jute Products with a focus on 3 Characteristics

  • Dependability
  • Customer Service
  • Uniqueness

Available for Corporate Gifting , Return Gifts, Customized bags , wholesale and Retail.


Our Products are prepared from bio degradable materials and created from uniue craftsqmanship to ensure our products are worthy and fashoinable. Our products can benefit smart ecofriendly solution to save the surrounding environment .

Kids Pouch

Let the kids have their own Jute Pouch to keep their essentials and use as pencil box or travel box. Available with various cartoon and designs. Being Bio degradable and eco friendly kids can be educated the advantages of using ecofriendly products. Can be used as return gift item for kids birthdays or any special occassion.

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Warli Pouch

Warli is a tribal art form mostly done by Adivasis . Originated in Maharashtra ,these Graphic designs showcases the simplicity at its best. Traditional Warli Art Easy Hand pouch for multipurpose use is avaibale. Pouches are made from Jute with Ecofriendly in nature used with biodegradeable material.


Hand Bags / Tiffin Bags / Shopping Bags

Made up of Jute fibre, each of our eco friendly shopping / Tiffin Bag they are spacious and durable.Hence you can carry anywhere with no worry.Carry your Tiffin to workplace which fits and is easy to carry . Different Size Bags with various prints for men, women and children. Available with chain and comfortable use. We cater to orders from corporates , marriage functions, Special Occassions with customized logo Design . For marketing your brand we can provide with ecofriendly bags for your customers and help in saving environment. Under Wave Enterprises We supply our exceptional range of bags. Feel free to contact us and let us meet your requirement for eco friendly products at the earliest.

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Mobile Pouch

They provide total protection to your mobile as these are crafted using High quality Jute. These Pouches are available in various designs and colours. Easy to carry without any purse required .It can fit mobile , cards , cash and license and you are set to go. A trendy mobile in a trendy cover is not only stylish but also convenient.


Jute Wallet

Classy jute wallet for Men makes handling cash easy and elegant. Durable made from Eco friendly material , it is crafted to the highest level by artisans. Comfortable pocket sized , this makes a great gift. It is also available in various colours.

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Jute Cheque Book Cover

It is made from Eco friendly Bio degradable material. Available with high quality material.It is also available in various colours. It can be customized as per clients requirement. Companies especially banks can print their logo for branding and advertisment purpose.

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Jute File Folder

A unique product to manage all your documents at one place at the same time reflecting your style quotient & elegance . It has pockets on both sides to conveniently store all your documents seperately. Suitable for presentation , interview , office , college & home purpose. Jute File folder for office decore and corporate gifting. We do provide with customized logo print for events , conferences , seminars.

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Laptop Bag

These bags are made out of pure jute and last long , enabling multiple use value for the customers. These laptop bags are best to enchance your brand visiblty simply by printing your company name and logo in vibrant colours. The Compartment can accommodate the power cable , mouse . Using lightweight , supreme Quality Fabric Protection for your Laptop comfortable and softest protection to your laptop. Our laptop bag is available in diverse designs , sizes , colours and in bulk quantity. These laptop bags provide solution to various corporate and business houses to print their name in the bad and endorse their products.

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Cosmetic Pouch

A set of Jute pouches with various zipper tape colours. This stationery bag is completely natural,its made from one of the most eco friendly , biodegradable material and is printed with natural dyes. The Corporate gift among the most cost effective means of promotion during market survey or research.Excellen travel companion and also ideal as a gift bag. Traditional Pouch can be used as return gift item and for multipurpose use. Available in various colours.

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Travel Kit

This jute pouch is highly in demand due to its multi purpose usage and high reliability. A great alternative to leather or plastic toiletry, cosmetic bags medical or any material required during traveling. Adding your logo would just make it more useful as an advertisment tool for travel companies. It is great for usage in day to day activities.Custom assistancce please contact us with your specifications and artwork.

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Jute Potli Bags

Potli Bags are being used in India since vedic civilization.Handmade bags for women and girls. Available in traditional pattern as well for return gifts and festive occasional days. Also available for packaging purpose of grains , bottled products ,etc. Available in different colours with various designs.Can be customized as per clients reuqirqement.


Jute Sling Bags

These Eco friendly messenger style bag is made to escalate your style quotient. Made of natural Jute, these bags includes adjustable shoulder strap that adjusts and sits on your arm very easily. The products have crafted with small inner rooms to accommodate your essentials. Can be customized as per clients requirement. These laptop bags provide solution to various corporate and business houses to print their name in the bad and endorse their products.

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Jute Purses

These bags stays true to its name by featuring a wide selection of purses.Each of its purses appear fashionable. Created with ecofriendly and biodegradable material that ensures high product durability. These arrives in beautiful colours and designs complementing every look of yours. Classy traditional looks makes it more appealing.So,go ahead and flaut your style carrying Jute purse.

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Wine Bottle / Water Bottle Bag

We Provide a variety of Wine Bottle bags. You can choose from, deciding on the style where to print the company's logo and the colour of the bag.These Jute Wine bottle bags can also be used in place of plastic for promotional activities.Its a great initiative within this industry that allows corporate to go green with their daily habits. We can make jute wine bags like single,double or multiple storage bags which are spacious enough to accomodate. Vast in colours, varried in patterns,exceptional stitching and longer life are some of the features of these bags.


Jute Wall Hanging

These wall hanging are made with eco friendly biodegradable material. It has good quality and design.It has high durablility. Easy to carry with trendy and classy look. Comapnies can use as an advertisment tool for branding purpose by printing its logo. It can be customized as per clients requirqement. Available in bulk quantity.


Low Cost Jute Bag

Available at low price clients with less budget as well can utilize the benifits of the product.It can be used as a marketing and advertisment tool to market your brand and logo. Can be customized as per clients requirement. Available in bulk quantity.


Garden Bags

Made from eco friendly biodegradable jute our bags have the capacity to hold and preserve all kinds of smaller plants.Carrying a plant if received during an event can cause problems in terms of handling. With the help of such bags you can carry it easily and can also benifit during long distance travels. It can be customized with sizes as per clients requirement.


Wedding Bags

Weddings are said to be auspicious occasions and you might want it to be real special one for your guests too. Attract them by sending them customized invitations in these specially made wedding Jute Bags. Are you looking for wedding Jute bags in bulk ? Relax, you have landed at the correct place.Our jute bags are not just spacious they are stylish , classy and traditional too. you can also use these jute bags to give return gifts to your guests. Keeping in mind the versatile use it has it is available in various sizes as per clients requirement.


Jute Jewellery

Jute is one the most used natural fibers, spun into long ,coarse threads. Poularly known as the 'golden fiber' its one the the strongest in natural fibers and can be coloured in any colour. Jute jewellery are designed with their range in modern designs with special attention being laid on color, finishing and embellishment. They are available in various colours and designs. It can be given as a retun gift item for special occasions like birthdays , anniversaries , weddings , festive seasons.

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Jute Painting

Jute is an evergreen product that never loses its good old rustic charm. Jute Paintings have their own appeal & aura and inspite of being of its low priced craft items,they very well adourn the walls.Hang them around empty walls or wooden panel and enjoy compliments about good aesthetic taste!The Course texture and husky aroma of Jute is what makes this painting distinct among other handicrafts.

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Why Choose Wave Enterprises Jute Products ?

  • Reusable
  • Bio Degradable
  • Environment Friendly
  • Trendy and Fashonable
  • Decomposes in a couple of weeks

We have Hand Craft Elegant and Stylish Jute Products beautifully crafted and designed from Eco Friendly , Bio Degradable and Recycled Material .

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Mobile : 9766419674 / 9881446036

Company's Social Responsibility

We have donated low cost jute bags to Infant India a social organisation ( situated near Beed, Maharashtra. This is a shelter home of Aids affected orphen children and widows. Mr. Datta Bargaje is a founder of this organisation. some of the children from this organisation draw beautiful paintings and sold these jute bags to help the organisation as well as themself.